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Tips for Creating Desires

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Best ideas for manifesting your dreams.

Tips for Creating Desires

Is 2018 the year of relationships for you? Maybe this is finally the year you become financially independent? Or do you dare to say this is the year you become the CEO of your health?

Whether you desire one, all, or more of the above here are a few specific ways to make this a reality. 

1) Your mind believes everything you tell it! So ditch the self degradation talk and decide to talk to yourself the way you would want your lover to talk to you. In fact, I prescribe the following statement q 300x daily (minimum) for 28 days (minimum). 

 “I love myself unconditionally right now”. 

2) Focus on it. 

Ever notice when you decide on the new car you want, you see it all over the road? Or if your trying to start a family, or maybe even carrying a baby, everyone seems to be pregnant? “there must be something in the water”. If you’re into cycling, everyone knows to look where you WANT to go instead of the obstacle in the road if you DON’T want to hit it. Essentially, what you focus on comes to fruition. Abraham says anything focused on for between 17-68 seconds is created by the Universe and the more you focus on it the faster it will become your reality. Of course it’s natural to have contrasting thoughts, but after you acknowledge their presence, thank them for reminding you of what you DO want, pivot your focus on just that! 

3) Enjoy the Journey. Find the Gratitude.  

It may have been Jeanette Maw who either coined or quoted, “unhappy journeys don’t make joyful outcomes”. 

While setting goals is good, what you are really striving for is the way you will FEEL when you reach that goal. With practice (you may have to fake it till you make it) try imagining that feeling right NOW as if you already have reached your goal. The more you practice this feeling, the more aligned energetically you will be to the frequency of the “outcome” and the more able you are to receive it. 

Here are a few ways you can do this:

a) Use Jeanette Maw technique of Pray Rain Journaling

Get a journal or notebook and everyday write what it is you desire as if it has already happened. Describe how grateful you are to have this and try to immerse yourself in those feelings. 

b) Treat yourself to something you imagine a lover would gift you. Massage? Flowers? Dinner and a movie? You deserve it for you! 

c) Carry around either an old voided checkbook or check register. Write checks or record checks you wrote for ALL that you desire in each day. You CAN have it all. Make this fun and creative. This will absolutely align you with the vibration of financial abundance. 

4)Make choices that FEEL good! 

As stated above, your desires are just outcomes that you imagine will feel good. So, in order to enjoy your successes, practice making choices that feel good now. How will it feel during and after you eat the donut? What about the Apple or green smoothie? How will you feel if you use your free time to rest? Exercise? If you choose exercise, how will it feel depending on the environment you choose? When you decide...Tap into how it effects you emotionally and your can always adjust. This emotion is directly related to your vibration and we are always practicing the art of raising that! This practice is exactly what authentic life is all about and your focus on the present will suck you right into the vortex of FLOW...which feels really good!! 

Cheers to years of focused fruition! 

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