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The Wheel of Life

While you may have several goals, choosing the specific area of your life that will create the MOST PROFOUND transformation is the place to begin. Often when blocks are removed in one area of life, the flow of creativity and success in other areas becomes free.

Our coaching process will focus on choosing one of six main areas of life. Our sessions will eliminate the root causes of negative emotions and limiting decisions/beliefs that have been embedded in our subconscious mind. These have created the obstacles that prevent you from reaching your goals 100% of the time.

The process of Time Line Therapy opens your subconscious mind by replacing these thoughts and emotions with positive learnings, allows neuro-plasticity to take place, and new patterns with momentum towards your goals and desires are put on the fast track to coming to fruition.

For busy people like me, this is the perfect solution to STOPPING years of sabotage and finally reading the road- map to creating SMART goals and meeting them 100% of the time. These changes are created in as little as 5 sessions (2- hours each). FINALLY you are able to stop fighting against WILL-POWER and feel empowered to easily and effortlessly co-create the journey to your DREAMS.


  1. Health and Wellness

  2. Finances

  3. Relationships

  4. Career

  5. Spiritual Growth

  6. Personal Growth

Contact me and let me know which area will pave the way for the most profound impact in the fulfillment of your life and lets get started creating massive results. You deserve this NOW

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