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After years of studying various practices such as The Law of Attraction, Yoga, and Meditation, I have succeeded in creating a life filled with love, happiness, adventure, and truth, and I am passionate about helping others do the same. I find intense joy, adventure, and mystery in raising two daughters who are still a captive, yet receptive audience. My husband and I are very grateful to share the wisdom we have gained through decades of learning and living with joy. During our time I will guide you in creating the life you wish to be living. Whether you wish to transform your relationships, health (mind, body and spirit), career, or manifest more travel and adventure in your life, we will work towards creating a path paved with inspiration, abundance, and a feeling of happiness to help you love the life of your dreams.  The time for a more joyful journey is now. You deserve it all!


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We start with some clear and honest core desires while gaining clarity on how you will know when you have success. From here a custom prescription is created for guarante...
Adult One On One Coaching
30 min
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Jessica Otter

Atascadero, CA​

Tel: 805-441-1541​

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